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Adoption and pet stories:

Pesto the cat wearing a tie

Maura and Pesto the Cat 🐱

This adorable guy was found in some bushes when he was only 2 weeks old and weighed only half a pound. Adopting him has been one of the most rewarding things my family and I have ever done. Pesto now weighs 15 pounds and is 9 years old. The first thing any of us do after a hectic day is come home and give him all kinds of hugs. He is always waiting at the front door for us and instantly brightens our mood. Pesto's favorite things to do are eat, sleep, fetch and have his head rubbed. I never knew a pet could be such an important part of a family.

Finding her pet was like a love story to Chelsea!

Chelsea and Pliny the Dog 🐶

When I moved to California, the first thing we did after finding an apartment was adopt Pliny. We went to the shelter not knowing if we'd find the right dog, but once we saw him we knew we couldn't leave without him. He was playful and loving, cuddling with us and running around. The bond you make with an adopted animal is unparalleled. We were truly saving him; he had been living on the side of the road prior to rescue. Bringing Pliny home and showing him that he was now a part of our family is an experience I will never forget. He is my little baby still at 3 years old!

Lisa absolutely loves Raleigh!

Lisa and Raleigh the Dog 🐶

Raleigh is a blue Queensland healer. She is named after Raleigh, NC - all my mom's family is from North Carolina and she passed away in 2009. A funny little trait about Raleigh is if she is barking in the house, we tell her to use her "inside voice", and she starts talking to us in a low tone. She also has a toy she loves, we tell her to go get her "baby" and she will go get this one stuffed toy. She will be 1 on August 1.

Even though Oliver doesn't like cameras, we are sure he loves Carolina!

Carolina and Oliver the Dog 🐶

Getting Oliver was completely unexpected and I couldn’t be happier. Even though he’s only 8 weeks old, he’s already been making amazing progress in his puppy stage. It can be a lot of work, but my family and I refuse to give up on him because getting him was a blessing. I highly recommend adopting from a local shelter and helping these animals find a forever home.

Bandit the dog get adopted by Lisa and they are so happy!

Lisa and Bandit the Dog 🐶

This is Bandit. He came from a puppy mill where he spent his day in his cage. Bandit has been my heart and joy since he came into my life. When I get home he is always there to greet me with kisses and a wagging tail. Also I'm not very athletic but Bandit makes sure I get my exercise in everyday by giving him and his sister a walk at least three times a day. I honestly can say he rescued me and I'm so happy he did!


Did you know more than 1.500.000 animals get euthanized* every year in just USA?

As more than 6.500.000 animals come into shelters every year, shelters struggle with funds. When animals can't find any welcoming home, they face with getting euthanized. Even if you can't welcome a pet in your home, encourage family and friends by sharing the pets on your social accounts.

*put (a living being, especially a dog or cat) to death humanely.